Select the appropriate heavy duty locking drawer slides runners

Select the appropriate heavy duty locking drawer slides runners


Material selection: cold rolled steel
Load capacity: 264lb to 484LB
Extension: Complete
Fully extended: Here is some very handy information if you are looking for heavy duty locking drawer slides runners and the back of the drawer box will be flush with the surface of the devil.

Important information:
If you are now looking for a drawer slide with a lock, here are some important information. Use these tips to choose the right heavy-duty drawer slide for you.

Before purchasing a drawer slide with a lock, you should consider all requirements for such slides.

The width of the drawer depends on the limited slide rail and the clearance left and right between the slide rail.
The depth of the drawer should match the selected slide rail. (That is, if you choose a 22-inch drawer slide, the depth of the drawer box must also be 22 inches, and so on.)

Note: The drawer slide rails in this category need to be installed with a lock handle to close and open. associates are always available to answer any questions you might have.Feel free to contact us at +86 15875774117, or by Gmial or Emial。

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