Collection: FAQ

1. Who Are We?
Aolisheng hardware co., ltd. we are based in guangdong, china, In the past 12 years,the company 200 employees sell to North america(30.00%),northern europe(25.00%),western europe(25.00%),eastern europe(10.00%),mid east(5.00%),south america(5.00%).

2. What Services Can We Provide?
Accepted delivery terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,FAS;
accepted payment currency:USD,EUR,GBP,AUD,INR,JPY,CAD,CNY,AED,RUB
Accepted payment type: Paypal/credit card
Language spoken:english,Chinese

3. Are You a Manufacturer Or a Trading Company?
We are a manufacturer . we have our own factory to produce different slide rails and hinge products.

4. What Can You Buy From Us?
Drawer slides,undermount drawer slide,soft close drawer slides,undermount drawer slides,heavy duty drawer slides,bottom mount drawer slides,full extension drawer slides,cabinet drawer slides,side mount drawer slides,ball bearing drawer slides,self closing drawer slides,telescopic drawer runners,industry slide rail,heavy slide rail,mechanIcalslide rail.

 5. How Can We Guarantee Quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
always final Inspection before shipment;

6. Is The Drawer Slide a Pair Or a Pair?
The price of the drawer slide rail is 1 pair (2 pieces),home improvement slides include mounting screws, heavy slides do not include screws, the sales price does not include tax

7.How Do I Know If my Order Has Been Received?
When we receive your order by mail or fax, we will sign PI back to you by mail or fax. we will also confirm to you by email that we have placed the order.

8. Can I Check The Samples?
Yes, mass productionwe can provide you with samples for free, but you need to pay the freight, we can return it to you after confirming the order.

9.How Long Is Your Delivery Time?
7-15 days for samples; 15-30 days mass production

10.Do You Have Any Other Hardware Products?
Yes, we provide a full set of customized hardware for home decoration, bathroom, cloakroom, cabinets door hinges, etc.

11. What Does The Three-Section Full Expansion Mean?
The full extension of the three-section slide rail is how long the slide rail is closed and the same length is pulled out. example: what you buy is: (18 inches) 45 cm slide rail, the closed length of the slide rail is 45 cm, and the length of the slide rail is 45 cm when it is pulled out, and the total length when it is 90 cm.
12.How To Calculate The Installation Clearance?
The installation dimension of the reserved slide rail is the installation gap, the distance between the drawer side panel and the cabinet side panel. the installation clearance should be accurate. If the clearance is large, the installation will be loose. If the clearance is small, the installation will not fit or be tight. The total width of the cabinet minus the installation clearance of the slide rail is equal to the outer width of the drawer.
13.How To Buy The Right Length Of The Slide Rail?
The length of our sliding rails is 2.5 or 2.54 cm as an inch, and you can choose according to the depth of your drawer. If the drawer is 42cm, choose 16 inches. The slide rail cannot be longer than the drawer. If the slide rail is longer, it will be inappropriate for installation.
14.What Is The Difference Between a Home Improvement Drawer Slides And a Heavy Duty Drawer Slides?
The load-bearing capacity of the home improvement slide is about 90lb, which is suitable for family use. The heavy-duty industrial slide rail has high strength and can load up to 450lb, making it suitable for heavy-duty drawers and mechanical equipment.
15.What's The Difference Between With Lock And Without Lock?
The fully pulled out and closed without lock cannot be locked. the lock is a two-way fixed device. the fully pulled out and fully closed can be locked. when pulling out and closing, you need to hold down the lock handles on both sides at the same time to switch, in the midway position It cannot be locked, which serves as a safety protection.

16. How To Choose Drawer Slides According To Load-Bearing?
The standard load-bearing range is: 18-inch load-bearing range, the load-bearing is relatively weaker than 18-inch, the longer the length, the greater the resistance, the lower the load-bearing capacity, and the load-bearing capacity decreases by 3 kg for every 2 inches. we have 20kg.35kg.45kg.68kg.120kg.150kg.220kg for your choice.
17. What Is The Surface Treatment Of The Slide Rail?
We use sealed blue color zinc or electrophoresis black surface treatment, which has strong rust and corrosion resistance. we have passed SGS testing and are deeply loved by consumers.
18. What Material Is The Steel Ball Of The Slide Rail Made Of?
Use high-precision solid G60 carbon beads for industrial-grade drawer slides
19. How To Install The Slide Rail?
Make a mark line at the same height of the cabinet body and the drawers, keep the slide rails on both sides installed on the same horizontal line, fix the outer rail of the slide rail on the line drawn on the cabinet board, install the inner rail on the drawer board, on both sides ensure that the slide rails are consistent up, down, left, and right.
20. How To Choose Mounting Screws?
We have delivery screws for hinges and home improvement drawer slides, so you don’t need to buy them. heavy duty drawer slide rails are not equipped with screws because they are widely used. It is recommended to choose M4 or M5 screws. the size should not be larger than the holes on the slide rail. the length can be selected according to your needs.
21. How Many Degrees Can The Slide Rail Withstand High And Low Temperatures?
Answer: The highest temperature can withstand 80 degrees, and the lowest use temperature is -20 degrees.