D2576 heavy-duty slides|The choice of industrial drawers

D2576 heavy-duty slides|The choice of industrial drawers


        The slide rail is an indispensable part of the entire home decoration. If the hinge is the "heart" of the cabinet, then the slide rail can be called the "kidney" of the cabinet, and it is important to provide the drawers or cabinet boards in and out of the cabinet. Link parts.

      Aolisheng three-section heavy-duty ball slide, 76 series can bear 220 kg, can be equipped with locking device, 53 series can bear 120 kg, can be equipped with locking device and buffer device, 51 series can bear 68 kg, features: full exhibition, high Load-bearing, mainly used in attack machinery loading, motorhomes, cabinets, military systems and other fields.

The following is a detailed explanation of Aolisheng 76 sliding rail with lock, factory production model D2576, industrial heavy-duty rail, bearing up to 220KG, the material thickness of the rail is 2.5mm thickness, the total thickness of a single piece is 19.5mm, and the surface The blue zinc-plated treatment with lock is used to provide a two-way locking device for the slide rail. It can be locked when it is fully pulled out and closed. When pulling out and closing, you must press the lock handle. Anything in the middle The location cannot be locked. The 76-wide slide rail has no damping effect. The damping effect is related to the length and load bearing of the slide rail. When the load is 200KG, there is no damping effect. Our stock is 8-72 inches, from 72 inches to 80 inches every 4 inches, other sizes need to consult our customer service. The length of the lock handle with lock is 3cm. The steel ball of our slide rail is made of solid carbon steel, which is more rigid. It has passed the internationally certified SGS test and has a professional test report. For packaging, the heavy-duty slide rails are packed in two pieces and packed in unsealed plastic bags, and a small amount is packed in foam for shipment. If one piece is enough, it is packed in a carton.

When buying, you need to pay attention to buying M6 screws by yourself, because industrial rails have a wide range of uses, and the ways to fix the rails are different. Some are directly welded, some are self-tapping screws, some are nuts and screws, and they are used for screws. The length requirements are different, so we can't achieve uniformity, so there is no service of giving away screws for heavy-duty slides.

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