What kinds of drawer slides are there

What kinds of drawer slides are there


The slide rail is called the "kidney" of the cabinet, and it is an important connecting part for the drawers or cabinet boards in the cabinet to move in and out. And there are many hardware pieces that can be put together into a cabinet house, such as hinges, pull baskets, basins, drawer slides and so on. Among them, what kind of drawer slides are there, many people don't know, and they don't know their characteristics very well! Let's talk about the types and characteristics of drawer slides.

1. Steel ball slide

At present, it is basically divided into two-section and three-section metal slide rails, which are relatively simple to install. The more common structure is to install on the side of the drawer, and save space. Steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller-type slides, becoming the main force of modern furniture slides, and the utilization rate is the most popular.

2. Damping slide 

The working principle of the damping slide is very simple. It is through the hydraulic cylinder with oil inside. When the slide is closed to the limit, it forms resistance and has a buffer effect. Damping slides are generally divided into steel ball damping slides, hidden damping slides, horse-riding damping slides, etc., and are generally used in drawers such as cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and furniture.

3. Slide with lock
The sliding rail with lock is locked in the fully closed state, and it is also locked when fully pulled out. Use some cabinets that need to be stable. The two-way locking function prevents accidental sliding out. Generally used in industrial machinery, RV transformation, industrial cabinets, electronic equipment, heavy-duty drawers, ATM machines, refrigerators, military systems and other fields.

Finally, to summarize, different drawer slides have different performances, and friends can install and use them according to their characteristics. You can also choose the cost-effective type according to your own budget.

What kinds of drawer slides are there and how much do you know?

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