Collection: Aolisheng Brand Culture

AolishengBrand Meaning:
Ao: pinyin begins with the letter a, we are destined to become a first-class enterprise and have a heart of awe.
Li: work hard and go all out to continuously achieve the goals of each stage and strive to be an industry benchmark.
Sheng: like the sun at noon, I actively ignite myself and illuminate the people around me. at the same time, it warms the dream road pursued by aolisheng.
These three words are the fourth tones, representing that we always have the spirit of optimism and the belief in victory.
Our mission: to be great!
My dream is the greatest thing in this world, never give up.
Our vision: to become a good company where employees pursue spiritual and material happiness.
Our values perspective:
One, customers first.
1. Provide customers with high-quality products, efficient services, and comfortable shopping experience.
2. Customers are parents of food and clothing, and it is an honor and a responsibility to win trust.
3. Think about the problem from the customer's standpoint, and on the basis of adhering to the principles, ultimately achieve the satisfaction of the customer and the company.
Two, Work Hard.
1. To increase revenue and reduce expenditures, saving should not be done in small amounts, and waste should not be done in small amounts.
2. Maintain a state of hard work at all times and take a step back into the abyss. we have no choice but to win.
3. Have a sense of ownership, positively influence the team, improve team morale and atmosphere
Three, Do What You Say.
1. Do not postpone today's things to tomorrow, and only do work-related things during working hours
2. Constantly set higher goals, today’s best performance is tomorrow’s minimum requirement
3. Always influence and promote the progress of colleagues and the team with the spirit of optimism and belief in victory
Fourth, Only Recognize Contributions,Not Work That Has No Results
1. Give the baton to those who can lead us to victory, give the rewards to those who have contributed, and give applause to those who have worked hard.
2. Actively share business knowledge and experience; take the initiative to give colleagues necessary help; be good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties.
3. Continue to learn, self-improve, and do things fully embody the result-oriented approach, and no one is allowed to lie down on their laurels.
Five,Let The Sense Of Crisis And Awe Be Everywhere.
1. Create changes and bring breakthroughs in performance.
2. Born in sorrow and dying in comfort, stay humble and studious, and plan for the worst.
3. Fully respect and learn from the advantages of excellent friends. keep healthy progress with friends and businessmen and share the market.