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our service
Aolisheng is a professional top hardware manufacturer in China. It can only promote the research and production of economical drawer slides and create a perfect combination of intelligent technology, function and design. We have developed and stored a variety of accessories; including drawer slide systems, hinges, handles, etc. Because good furniture requires good solutions-good family, working environment and quality of life. We believe that any change needs to adapt to the needs of customers and the market. We are willing to listen to the voice of our customers. This will help Europe and the United States improve themselves. Aolisun can become one of your best hardware suppliers and buy drawer slides at low prices!

☑More than 10 years of production experience, focusing on the quality of shipped products
Provide you with technical support and services within 24 hours
We design customized drawer slides according to your needs
The company's products are high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly
Production schedule, timely delivery, one-stop service to ensure satisfaction
Use professional packaging services to ensure cargo safety
Aolisheng has professional installation instruction videos and product manuals.

1) Products:
Our products come from our own factory. The main products include furniture hardware; heavy drawer slides, home improvement drawer slides, bottom drawer slides; cloakroom hardware; cabinet five; bathroom accessories, etc.

2) Transportation:
We use third-party transportation partners, and we strictly choose their safety, timeliness, reasonable quotation and common values.

3) Quality control:

We have our own testing center, which is responsible for rigorous testing of every fluorine-containing product. If something happens, third-party testing is also an important choice for us.
Not only that, for special circumstances, our staff will go to factories and warehouses to conduct strict inspections on the goods.
Even so, we are willing to tell you frankly that maybe we will inevitably have quality disputes, but we will always face every customer's complaint, find out the truth of the problem, and minimize the losses of all parties.

We pay attention to the needs of every customer, we pay attention to problems, pay attention to changes, and continue to improve.

5) Added value:
We strive to make "Aolisheng" bring value to every customer. We insist that "win-win" is a good business ecology.

With the profound changes in the Chinese market, we have an obligation to let customers understand these changes. We need to comprehensively evaluate the possible risks in the supply chain, and adjust and optimize them in time.