Introduction and Application of Rebound Slide

Introduction and Application of Rebound Slide

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Aliases: rebound slide, elastic slide, rebound slide without handle slide

Application: Civil furniture cabinets, office furniture cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, drawers, office drawers, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc.

The principle of the automatic rebound guide rail: the rebound system of the drawer is realized by the damping (with chemical composition) in the track. The gentle movement of the new bounce system of the guide rail provides high comfort when pulling the drawer without a handle. There are no handles to avoid the modern vision of splitting the linear shape of the furniture. Flick the furniture door and drawers and they will pop out by themselves. No matter where you flick at the front end, the drawer will pop out softly and steadily. When closed then

Lock the drawer completely and safely again.

Advantages: reduce wear and tear, make drawers close silently, and protect furniture. Disadvantages: The installation process is relatively accurate, and relatively ordinary steel ball guide rails are easy to break.

Installation note: When installing the slide rail, pay attention to retaining a 4mm spring pressure space for the slide rail, and the cabinet is designed to be slightly tilted down, and the rebound effect of the drawer is more obvious by using the downward effect of gravity.

There are three reasons why the rebound slide does not come out;

1. Whether the installation is horizontal and front-to-back aligned

Second, whether there is at least 5MM reserved from the panel, (because the installation of rebound steel ball guides needs to reserve space for the drawer to touch and rebound)

Third, whether the installation gap is reserved between 13.2-13.3MM on one side

It is recommended to increase the gap between the drawer and the cabinet to 26.5MM on both sides, I believe it will definitely solve the problem.

In addition, the rebound slide rail is limited by its structure. When the width of your drawer is greater than 400 or more, we suggest that after installing the rebound slide rail, in the process of use, touch the middle of the drawer panel with your hand, so that you The drawer can pop out normally to achieve the ideal rebound effect. If you only press the 4 corners of the drawer panel, a good rebound slide will not help. Because when you only press one point on the left or one on the right, he will only make the one slide on the left or right start the rebound effect on one side, while on the other side he will lock the drawer tightly. Because the rebound strength of a slide rail is not enough to make the drawer pop out. Therefore, in this case, the drawer does not pop out. This is not a problem of the slide rail, but a problem of the customer.

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